About the Artist

Sybil M. Perry"I was always an artist.  Nature has been my inspiration all my life."  Memories of spring-fed lakes in northern Wisconsin and the wind whistling through mixed hardwood forests still echo within her. This intense interrelationship with the land and sky and water is what flows from her hand when she works.

The artist currently prefers pastel to create her landscapes.  With its flexibility, she can draw and paint at the same time, using the tip as well as the side of the pastel.  It allows an immediate expressive response to  capture the depth she is seeking.  Pastel holds its archival colors and value for generations and emits a vibrancy of color that oil paint, which may eventually yellow, cannot.  Pastels from the 16th century exist today as fresh and alive as the day they were painted.

The artist's work has been selected for exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Slater Memorial Museum, and the Stamford Art Museum.  Numerous paintings have been exhibited and won awards in galleries and in local and nationally juried shows. Her paintings can be found in public and private collections in the United States and abroad.




Artist Statement  

I am inspired by landscapes that make me catch my breath. My paintings are not just a product of what I see. They are what I see transformed by my imagination and memories. They may at times have a story hidden in them. Sometimes I recognize the story as I am working on the piece. It is the beauty and sacredness of the earth captured on an emotional level. Water, mist and mountains continually intrigue me—the mountains of the Berkshires, the Hudson Valley, Lake George and Kyoto.

Color is what drives me and delights me. My process is meditative. Experimenting with layers of many colors enables me to explore, to play, to experience wonder. These pastel paintings, inspired by images gathered out-of-doors, are completed in my studio. It most pleases me to create intuitively something I had not quite expected. I find the process to be a spiritual journey, a mystery. At the heart of it all is discovery.